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Drama Scene's

Post  Yamcha on Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:23 am

These will from now on can be used in battles as of next week! (27th July) they may be updated and changed from time to time.

'Friendship': When your Hp is below 25% you may use your go to activate this scene inwhich a team member (Must be in a team to use this.) may enter the battle (for the next battle phase only), During his/her time there may do two things. One is to block the enemy attack if unsuccesful damage is calculated normaly to both targets. Two is to attack the enemy (with a physical attack only).

'Revenge!': When your KI is '0%' you may use this scene at the start of your attack phase, you are allowed to use any lvl attack you wish. Standard battle system roll's are done as useual however after the attack and damage calculation your character will automaticly die.

'I'm Invincible': When your life hit's 0, you've taken the fight until you'r bodys blooded and beaten. You'r lying on the ground looking into the bright shining light infront of you. It's so warm and fuzzy but your character thinks 'To hell with that! I'm gonna kick the crap out of this guy some more.' Attempting to get back up for round two, by activating this scene you'll get a dice roll if you hit an odd number your character will successfully get back up. Giving him 20% of his HP & KI however should it fale you'r character will pass out and continue on to the next dimension.

'Who The Hell!?': When your opponent is a sayian in Oozaru form, Yajirobi may come into play for a single turn. You must stay in battle for 6 attack rounds for this scene to be useable. A dice will be rolled, if successful the following attack phase Yajirobi will attack the opponent slicing off his tail.


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